Winter Lawn Care Maintence

Most people don’t realize it, but lawn care in the early parts of winter are some of the most important times to tend to the lawn. While many homeowners tend to dismiss the idea of lawn care as winter gets near, this is actually detrimental to your lawns health, and will show as a result come spring time. 

Why Winter Fertilization is Important

While it may seem pointless on the surface to fertilize something that is about to be covered in snow, fertilization at the end of Fall is one of the most beneficial times for your lawn, that will result in an easier start once spring bounces back! Fertilization will promote your lawns health and a proper blade growth that will extend into the depths of winter. As the weather gets colder, your lawn slows down it’s growth until it becomes dormant, meaning it’s still alive, but at a standstill. While the blades of the surface are still, the roots underneath are still hard at work, up until the soil becomes too hard to move that is. By fertilizing your lawn at the end stages of Fall, you can help your lawn develop a stronger root system, which will show as a thick, healthy, and green lawn in the spring! 

Winterizing treatment is something that we at Every Season Landscape wish everyone knew about, as it is a vital time to really get ahead of the lawn care game! If you are in need of a winterizing treatment, we at ES Landscape can provide our unmatched knowledge and experience to you and your lawn! 

Other Winter Lawn Services

Our mission is to create a world with thick, healthy, and luscious green lawns. To do this, we need to work together. 


When it comes to Fall and Winter, we have established a well calculated and formulated plan to maximize the potential of lawn care services, resulting in a huge head start in the spring. A vital part of this plan is in the mowing stage believe it or not. Mowing in the fall and beginning of winter before the snow covers your yard is the perfect time to enhance your lawns Spring capabilities. The ideal lawn is shorter during the Fall and Winter seasons, as this will help prevent any mice or other pests from taking refuge in your long blades of grass, making for an unpleasant surprise in the Spring. 

Another vital part of achieving our luscious lawn mission is something that only you can do! Before snow blankets your yard, ensure there are no objects or debris spread across the grass. If there are toys or anything of the sort, they will be forgotten amidst the snow and result in dead spots that will need tending once the snow clears. 

What’s Left

Lastly, when the snow is taken full hold of the outdoors, always use your sidewalk or driveway and avoid stepping on the lawn. While your lawn is dormant and buried in several inches of snow, the use of the lawn as a pathway will cause damage that may be irreversible in the Spring and Summer. As a means of helping in this aspect, we at Every Season Landscaping offer snow removal services! No one wants to walk on slippery and dangerous sidewalks and driveways, so we will keep them clear for you!

We know the Winter is a ball of hassle when it comes to home upkeep, and that is specifically why we offer so many services that extend into the Winter. Every Season Landscaping has knowledge and know-how for every season that will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to your lawn and landscape. Give us a call today and let’s get your lawn on the right track! 


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