The What, Why, and When of Aeration

Can you believe it is almost Fall time? That means it is time to remember the 4 rules to keeping your lawn glorious all year.

·     Regular mowing

·     Fertilizing

·     Watering

·     Aeration

What is aeration?

It is the process of where small holes, or plugs are pulled from the ground allowing the roots to breathe. The key in aeration, just like us humans with needing to breathe in order to live. Your lawn needs the same and by puncturing holes in the ground allowing the water and air to get down to the roots which allows them to grow deeper and taking in more nutrients.

Why do you need your lawn aerated?

After a while the soil under the grass becomes hard, this could be the type of soil you have or the amount your yards is played on as well but  the compacted soil to causing the air to not get to the roots, which is also means water is having a hard time as well. Another reason is the lawn thatch.  If the dead grass, or thatch grows to thick on top of the soil it can prevent fertilizers, and water from soaking deep in to the roots too. 

When should you aerate your lawn?

That all depends on where you live, and the soil you have. If you have a clay-based soil you will want to aerate once a year. But if your soil is sandy, you will need it less. Another factor is weather as well as the type of grass you have. Up here in Minnesota, where it is more likely to have a thicker fuller grass,  it is best to do in the fall. The temperatures need to be cooler, and not have a huge temperatures shifts throughout the day.

After aeration care for your lawn, is pretty simple, just making sure that the plugs get raked up. Now would be the time to get fertilizing and seeding done too, this allows the new seed to germinate and spread the roots directly in the dirt rather than needing to work through the thatch. Over seeding is crucial, it produces fuller yards, and will not allow weeds to grow either.


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