How to Create a Beautiful Pergola Backyard Dining Area: A Guide

backyard dining area, pergola, outdoor kitchen, firepit, patio, outdoor deck

The weather in and around Savage, Minnesota, is absolutely perfect for outdoor dining. As we approach the warmer months, residents will see temps in the 70s and above—not too hot, not too cold, and for almost four glorious months. Even the colder days are made that much better thanks to a backyard dining area that’s prepped with features […]

5 Of the Best Patio Ideas For 2021

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Did you know that 43% of Americans are planning on spending over $1,000 on a summer vacation this year? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vacation spot right on your own patio? With the right patio designs, you can spend the summer at your own home while feeling like you’re on a special, expensive getaway. Plus, […]

The Best Hardscape and Outdoor Living Space Ideas for 2021

outdoor patio with lights and gazebo, hardscape, hardscapes, landscaping, patio, pergola, outdoor living, outdoor patio, retaining wall, gazebo, boulder wall, outdoor kitchen

You’ve heard the term hardscape but what does it mean?  The word hardscape refers to the non-living elements of your outdoor space. This can be anything from a retaining wall to a gazebo or pergola to a patio or outdoor kitchen.  If you’re looking for outdoor living space ideas to create a relaxing and stylish […]

A Guide to the Most Popular Patio Materials

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Do you want to create an awesome outdoor space for summer relaxation? Installing a patio’s a good choice for you.According to the American Psychological Association, spending time outdoors is good for your mental health. So, don’t put your plans off any longer. The first step in designing your patio is deciding on the type of […]

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen and How Is It Constructed?

outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, outdoor patio, patio kitchen, patio, how to make an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to a home and can even earn you around a 55% return on investment. The kitchens inside our homes are often where the magic happens. They are where families gather and build memories together. The same can be true for an outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy spending your time […]