Why, When and How to Aerate Your Lawn

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If you’re the owner of a beautiful stretch of lawn, lawn care will probably be high on your list of priorities. Lawn aeration is one of the most important ways of caring for your lawn, helping the soil to remain in the best condition possible for the grass plants to thrive. Here we provide a […]

How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration & Seeding: A Step by Step Guide

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When you get professional aeration and seeding services in Savage, MN, you have only begun the process. Now, the real work begins, especially for you. Proper care ensures that the money you paid to get your yard ready actually results in a lush field of grass and other plants. However, what are the best ways […]

How to Remove Standing Water From Your Yard

Beautiful and peaceful Japanese water garden. Complete with a bridge, stone paths and several small waterfalls.

Are you struggling with standing water in your yard? Standing water if left can lead to plant death, mold growth, and foundation weakening. It’s also the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other waterborne pests. And if you’re not a professional, it can be hard to know where the water comes from, or how to […]