5 Landscape Design Trends in 2022

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An estimated 42 million households grow their own food, the highest number in over a decade. It’s one of the more popular landscape design trends of the year, so far. It’s a somewhat surprising fact, too, as landscaping is typically related to turning a yard into something more beautiful and stylish. There are other trends that […]

How to Care for Your Lawn in Winter

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As temperatures start to drop, most homeowners start to spend less time caring for their lawns. While it’s true your yard doesn’t need as much work during the winter months, you shouldn’t ignore it altogether. The right winter lawn prep ensures your grass weathers harsher temperatures and looks lush and beautiful in spring. Check out […]

No-Care Plants for Killer Curb Appeal in Every Season

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Do you want to increase the curb appeal of your home? A well-landscaped yard is nice on the eyes and on the wallet. Compared to a home with no landscaping, a landscaped home can expect to see a 5.5% to 12.7% increase in home value.  This sounds good, but you may wonder if all of the […]

How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration & Seeding: A Step by Step Guide

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When you get professional aeration and seeding services in Savage, MN, you have only begun the process. Now, the real work begins, especially for you. Proper care ensures that the money you paid to get your yard ready actually results in a lush field of grass and other plants. However, what are the best ways […]

Guide to Retaining Walls

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Simply put, a retaining wall is a landscape feature that holds the earth in place. It prevents soil on landscape slopes from sliding down. However, retaining walls can be simple or ornate when it comes to their construction. These features may play an important function for property owners but they can also add tremendous visual […]

The Best Fall Flowers and Plants for Your Outdoor Space

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As the seasons change, so too must the characteristics and components of our gardens. Plants that thrive in spring or summer often don’t fare as well in fall. But this is A-OK, as the autumn season brings with it a whole host of new seasonal blooms and plant life for you to fill your garden with. […]

3 Tips on Efficient Use of Water in Your Garden and Landscape

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When it comes to serious landscaping, adding water features can be gorgeous. Not only do they look great, but features such as ponds or waterfalls can even add an extra ecosystem to your backyard! The only problem is, it can be difficult to control water flow and wastage. When that difficulty gets out of hand, it could […]

Understanding the 3 “Scapes” of Outdoor Design

Beautiful Yard Pergola Patio Cover with Chairs. landscape, hardscape, softscape, landscaping, outdoor design

Are you looking to redo the outside space of your home? But you’re not sure how you want to design it yet? With so many options to choose from for your outdoor space, it may seem overwhelming to make the right decision. Do you want a ton of greenery? Or do you want entertainment space? Although […]

5 Of the Best Patio Ideas For 2021

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Did you know that 43% of Americans are planning on spending over $1,000 on a summer vacation this year? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vacation spot right on your own patio? With the right patio designs, you can spend the summer at your own home while feeling like you’re on a special, expensive getaway. Plus, […]

Lawn Care During Times of Drought

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Growing a green, healthy lawn during summer months is something most homeowners prioritize. But as drought becomes more common across the United States, lawn care needs to shift as well. Learning how to care for your lawn during drought and dry seasons is vital to help conserve water and still enjoy your grass. If you’re […]