Winterizing Ponds and Water Features

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6 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Pond Healthy Over the Long Winter Months Ponds are the perfect habitat for both people and wildlife. Unfortunately, they can also attract some unwelcome guests that may wreak havoc on your water garden. It’s important to take the proper precautions to ensure that your pond is protected throughout […]

Understanding the 3 “Scapes” of Outdoor Design

Beautiful Yard Pergola Patio Cover with Chairs. landscape, hardscape, softscape, landscaping, outdoor design

Are you looking to redo the outside space of your home? But you’re not sure how you want to design it yet? With so many options to choose from for your outdoor space, it may seem overwhelming to make the right decision. Do you want a ton of greenery? Or do you want entertainment space? Although […]

5 Of the Best Patio Ideas For 2021

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Did you know that 43% of Americans are planning on spending over $1,000 on a summer vacation this year? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vacation spot right on your own patio? With the right patio designs, you can spend the summer at your own home while feeling like you’re on a special, expensive getaway. Plus, […]

Lawn Care During Times of Drought

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Growing a green, healthy lawn during summer months is something most homeowners prioritize. But as drought becomes more common across the United States, lawn care needs to shift as well. Learning how to care for your lawn during drought and dry seasons is vital to help conserve water and still enjoy your grass. If you’re […]

Tips on Building a Pond in Your Backyard

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At-home water features reduce stress, lift mood, and boost the overall health of those who live there. Because of this, building a pond or waterfall in your space can add a lot of property value to your home. If you’re looking to make your home more valuable or simply enhance it as a place to […]

The Best Hardscape and Outdoor Living Space Ideas for 2021

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You’ve heard the term hardscape but what does it mean?  The word hardscape refers to the non-living elements of your outdoor space. This can be anything from a retaining wall to a gazebo or pergola to a patio or outdoor kitchen.  If you’re looking for outdoor living space ideas to create a relaxing and stylish […]

What’s the Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape?

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Hardscape and softscape are the main elements in landscape design. While the two are the complete opposites of each other, a balance of both is necessary to create a well-designed landscape. What are Hardscape and Softscape? Inanimate objects such as stones, concrete, bricks and all hard materials in your yard are hardscape. They can be […]