Spring Lawn Care Tips

Minnesota winters can be aggressive and you’re probably wondering how to revive your lawn after all the snow melts. Caring for your lawn in the springtime will yield a much greener and healthier yard for longer. One thing to make sure you do early spring is fertilize and water your lawn. Fertilizing will replenish any nutrients that the soil may have lost. The grass in your yard has been frozen and dormant for the past three to four months. It is absolutely begging for a nice meal and cool drink to start the summer out right.

Another thing to make your yard just that much better than your neighbors is removing the thatch. Thatch is a layer of mostly dead grass that accumulates around the base of the grass. This stuff is good to clear up during the spring because it builds up over the course of the year and can be bad news to your living grass. To remove it, first determine whether you can get the job done with a simple rake or a specialized thatching rake. Take a small core out of your lawn with a shovel or trowel and if the thatch is under an inch, you are most likely good to use a regular rake. If the thatch is any more than about an inch I would use a thatching rake.

You can also cover patches of dirt with sod. Sod is the layer of dirt beneath the grass where it is growing. They usually come in rolls or patches, which you can then lay down on the bare part of your lawn. It is important to fit the patch as perfect as you can, so it can bond correctly with the underlying dirt as well as the grass surrounding the area. Make sure you water it thoroughly and often until it fully bonds with your lawn.