Retaining Walls

Multi-Purposed Retaining Walls

Minnesota’s weather is a fickle experience. One moment there is a burning sun in the sky, and the next there is rolling black clouds with pouring rain. This can be a big pain at times, especially if you are trying to enjoy some time in the yard but have a large near-vertical or vertical slope that pushes all the rain towards your yard, flooding it.

Some may think they cannot fix such a pesky problem, but we at Every Season Landscape are more than capable of offering such services! With the use of a retaining wall we can be sure to manage your backyard slope, which will not only help prevent rain runoff to your backyard, but also implement a beautiful new structure in the yard that has strong aesthetics for a more welcoming and homey backyard!

Retaining walls can become beautifully integrated functions in your yard that can halt the problems of vertical hills while providing a great visual appeal to your yard that can work cohesively with patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, you name it!
The following pictures are just a few examples of the different styles and visual effects that retaining walls can have in the environment! 

Don’t wait until the rain floods your yard and those nearby slopes cause some big issues! Give us a call at Every Season Landscaping today! There are bright days ahead, but even when there is not, we will be there for you in every season!

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