Plan Your Spring Garden Now

Start Planning Your Summer Garden Now


          While it may sound strange, now is the best time to plant certain flowers to get your garden to be bright and colorful next summer. A few things to remember when planning the garden for next year. First, unless you’re planning on using your full yard for the flower garden, it would be wise to pick two or three different varying in size and color for each flowering part of the season (late winter/early spring, late spring/early summer, and late summer/fall). That way there is a nice variety of color and blooms for each growing season. The best flowers to plants right now are the ones that start as bulbs. Most common bulbs are tulips, Irises, Lilies, and hyacinths that; while wanting to add a variety of color, it is also important to remember the time of the season that the flowers will bloom. While tulips are pretty when planted all by themselves then, the garden will be bare by mid-re on what and vice versa for other blooming periods during the summer. That is why it is important to mix and spread each plant out to ensure that there are plenty of plants always blooming throughout the summer.

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