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So, you’ve decided to add a patio to your home and are feeling overwhelmed because there are so many decisions to make. Since the patio is a very versatile space, there is an array of materials to choose from depending on your wants and needs. A properly designed and well-made patio will not only allow you to enjoy your outdoors but it will simultaneously also enhance your home’s value.

Patios are ground level paved areas that offer more room for design preferences and selection of materials as compared to a deck, that has to be attached to the house and must be sealed to avoid damage overtime due to weather exposure.

We know, a new patio project can be daunting especially when you don’t know where to get started. You are not alone in this process; the ES Landscape team is here to support your ideas and patio dreams, which includes advice on material selection, construction process, and object positioning. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we will guide you to a wondrous completed patio project for your home!

Home Patios – Ultimate Guide

Why you need a patio?

At this stage, you need to be sure about your primary goal for the patio. If you are planning to have a formal environment where you can enjoy seated dinners or social gatherings, you will need to plan for additional seating in your patio space planning, as well as some form of centralized fire pit. Alternatively, if you are planning to arrange pool parties you need to incorporate that in your patio design and adjust other fixtures accordingly.

Outdoor cooking stations are another common patio passion. So, think about the requirements that may be involved with that. You will need an area that functions as a sink, and a cooler, table space for food prep and presentation, etc. A great solution would be to include a freestanding covered patio with an outdoor kitchen space and fireplace to act as a perfect retreat after a taxing week.

Your patio area can include more than just some stone slabs to walk on and chairs to admire the sunset. Consider including other functional spaces with pergolas, pools, fountains, gardens, outdoor kitchens, etc. These all allow for additional patio functionality and increased social capabilities with friends and family.

How much space do you require?

Now that you have established the purposes for your patio, you need to plan the space accordingly. As with everyone, you have a limited amount of space and the area shouldn’t be packed with gizmos and gadgets otherwise the space will feel cramped and unwelcome.

The size of your patio space should consider the common foot traffic that will be present. For example, hosting a dinner for 50 people you should keep in mind a required space of 1250 square feet.

With proper planning and incorporation of different landscape features, you can construct a patio that is great for relaxing in the sun on an ideal morning or a crisp evening. If you’ve got extra space, consider adding plants and other flora, as it can enhance the aesthetics and value by adding privacy, shade, and beauty to your patio area.

Lastly, it is important to consider the access points to the patio. When accessing the patio, will you need to cut through the entertainment area and sliding doors? Or will you need to go out the front door and walk around the house? Ensuring easy access to the patio will help with foot traffic and flow management, which will either help or hurt your patio addition and your guests enjoyment overall.

Where do you want your patio to be?

Do not place your patio along the wall of your home. Always plan your patio to be positioned away from the home to maximize the square footage.

The next important consideration while selecting the location of your patio is its seasonal exposure. Experiencing all four seasons means that you need to consider the prominent problems of those seasons. For the summer, it will be the heat and the suns exposure locations, for the winter, it will be the prominent wind paths and snow buildup locations, and the same for spring and fall respectively. Knowing exposure locations will allow you to finalize the location of all your patio products to make it comfortable year round.

A truly great patio project will be the one that has considered water drainage before the rain hits. It is important to consider the slope of land and grade of the earth before finalizing anything. You should plan for containers, planters, drainage, and irrigation with the proper water drainage system so that your patio and its products will not become overwhelmed with water damage.  

Material Selection

Patios are the perfect project for the designers and artists, from colors, materials, lights, fireplaces, furniture, planters, wall décor, and stone slabs, the creative mind will have plenty to juggle and produce. All these decisions need to have an overarching theme or consistency to them, so the resulting patio feels whole and singular. It would be wise to consider the current theme of the home and its relation to the patio space as well, so that they have a coinciding style that will make both look better than if they were alone. When you are choosing these materials, try not to be hung up on the trendy options, since they have a tendency to look outdated sooner than later, and may have you regretting your decision down the line.

For lights, you can use string lights, landscape lights, or torches. Light is crucial for your patios ambiance, and will be one of the pivotal factors when using the patio after sunset. Strings lights are quite popular as they offer the perfect amount of light and add ambiance with a natural style.

Heat is another crucial element that is important for creating a cozy environment during the winter. Besides adding a fire table or a fire pit, you can consider adding heated pathways to increase the availability of the patio during the winter and help ease up the maintenance of the pathways.

Plants and shrubs are ideal for a lush patio. There are many plants to choose from, but the most important factor will be choosing plants that can handle the extremes of each season.

Every Season Landscaping, here for you every season.

The patio is a great addition to any home so long as you are clear and concise on your vision for the patios purpose. Give us a call today and let us start to plan your patio details!



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