How to Keep Landscaping and Gardens Safe in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to several landscaping and gardening pests. Rabbits, rats and other small critters are the most common. Here are some tips that you can use for deterring Rabbits and Rats along with general gardening pests to keep outdoor living safe and healthy.


Tips for keeping your garden/landscaping safe from critters:

How to Prevent Rats?

  • Seal all possible entry points that lead from outside to your garden scape and home.
  • Keep all bins tightly covered and never place such bins in the garden.
  • Use sticky mats and baits in a highly dense area of the garden.

How to Prevent Rabbits?

  • Use Rabbit-proof fences made of chicken wire to stop them from entering the garden.
  • Apply a mixture of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and water on the surface of the leaves.
  • Grow Goatweed, lavender, Garlic, and Clove to repel them.

How to prevent common pests and diseases?

  • Remove plant debris, fallen leaves, and the undecomposed matter before the onset of winter.
  • Invite birds and pollinators by planting showy flowers.
  • Limit the excessive use of Nitrogen fertilizer on gardening plants, use a balance organic slow-release fertilizer, instead.
  • Introduce good bugs and limit the use of insecticides.
  • Maintain the pH of your gardening soil to the desired level.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of the garden soil and never let water stand in the beds.
  • Always apply water in the morning in the humid climates.
  • Use Tobacco, Neem, Garlic, kappettiya, and ginger plant extracts for repelling all sorts of pests while baking soda, milk, and other bioactive natural agents for controlling plant diseases.

Keep your garden and landscaping safe by following these tips!