Ponds & Waterfalls

A place of reflection, relaxation, and natural beauty


The of water works

Ponds and waterfalls are wonderful additions to a home. They bring the nature into the modern world of housing and attract all sorts of animals. Not only that , but these forms of water components allow for a stronger cohesion between the home and the surrounding environment, as well as adding value to a home!

Waterfalls and ponds are often the envy of the neighborhood due to its overwhelming charm and beauty.​

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Dan Larson
Dan Larson
We could not be happier with the entire experience from start to finish with our outdoor kitchen and patio. The design and estimate process was a breeze with Jack for Every Season Landscape. He is efficient and easy to work with. His eye for detail and design is fabulous- he knew exactly what we were picturing and made it come to life. We wanted the entire project done by our daughter's birthday. This was almost near impossible- but Jack and his team moved heaven and earth to make it happen. They were able to give us our estimate, construct the entire island, install and complete it in under 5 weeks! ! Every Season Landscape team did a phenomenal job executing the installation and completion of the island. Would highly recommend Every Season Landscape to anyone in search of building an enjoyable outdoor space. Top notch in quality and customer service, couldn't ask for a better experience we are so thrilled with our outdoor kitchen and patio!read more
Pete Truhlar
Pete Truhlar
Great people to work with! From design to doing the work. I highly recommend!
Leslie Vanderwerf
Leslie Vanderwerf
They do a wonderful job with replacing retaining walls that are coming apart - new brick or rock walls!
Sheila Hittner
Sheila Hittner
I like that they give a bid and don't charge for that. Always available to help winter or summer.


When it comes to ponds, people often reminisce on the idea of koi fish swimming around and some lily pads afloat.

Even though we are in Minnesota, this is something that is still very much so achievable if you plan accordingly.

Just imagine a beautiful walkway to your front door that is accompanied by a stream trickling down to the front end of the walkway and into a fish inhabited pond surrounded by vibrant plants.

These locations are often desirable because of their natural ability to surround someone with a wave of calming energy, which is why we often suggest adding a bench near this location.


Just like ponds, waterfalls can create a peaceful environment that could be the talk of the neighborhood.

The only real different between the two water functionalities is that the waterfall option has continuous moving activity, this resulting in a different manner in which it needs to be setup, where as the pond is still and stagnant and has a little bit of an easier installation.

Whether it be a waterfall or pond, we can help you along the route you choose, and give insight into the best manner to install these beautiful home additions!

We will identify the needs of your home and your wants and meet them as best we can to really make your yard become something truly unique!