What is lawn fertilizing and how can it help?

Lean, green and a dense lawn machine! Ever wonder how your neighbors get such beautiful and full looking lawns? The answer lies in fertilization.

Fertilization instigates a green and luscious lawn, however not any fertilizing regimen will do, it needs to be catered to your specific lawn for the strongest results.

There are multiple benefits from lawn fertilization, just check out this list!

  • Vibrant color- Fertilizing is one of the dominant contributors to a rich lawn and the secret lies in the nitrogen. Nitrogen mixed with adequate levels of moisture will give your lawn a luster perceivable on each blade of grass.
  • Increased grass density- A thick grass is a healthy grass. Thick grass makes for a beautiful yard but also offers services such as weed control. By controlling more space, weeds will have trouble gaining ground in the yard and causing a conundrum.
  • Increased growth- Grass is a speedy grower when in the right conditions. For the purpose of stress tolerance and density, grass needs to grow fast and the fertilizing process helps with that.
  • Lowering ambient temperature- Most people don’t know this, but healthy grass can actually serve as a mini air conditioner for the surrounding areas. This is achieved through a process called “transpiration” which results in a possible 50% relief of heat on the turf area.
  • Quicker damage control- If your lawn is recovering from past damage, either from insects, lawn disease, high temperatures, drought conditions or invasive weeds, a lawn fertilizing schedule¬† will increase the lawns recovery rate and lead to rapid recovery and beauty.
  • Resistant to stressful situations- A well-fertilized lawn will boast healthy green grass and become more resistant to stresses such as extreme weather and heavy traffic. The more nutrients, the stronger the resistance a yard has.


How do I know what fertilization treatment my lawn needs?

That’s where we come in! Our professionals can provide a detailed analysis of your lawns current status and particular variables that will contribute to the creation of your one-of-a-kind lawn treatment plan.

Through our lawn analysis you will know when, how and why your lawn needs this specific treatment plan and will allow you to better understand it’s needs. Through this, your yard will become the talk of the neighborhood if not the town, and everyone will see your lawn as the side that is greener!

Give us a call today or send us an email and let’s get started on that lawn treatment plan!

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