The Common Questions of Fire Pits

Designing a dream fit pit for this fall, and don’t know where to start?

At Every Season Landscape, we can help. Sitting around the fire is a tradition that has been around for many years, and is named as one of the best ways to relax.

  • Where in the yard to build?

Before starting to build a fire pit, make sure the fire pit is within city codes in regard to having an open flame.

  • What kind of fire pit?

There are a number of kinds of fire pits. A common type are bowls or those with a square design. For smaller yards, a bowl would be a good choice, whereas in a larger yard, picking a square or rectangular fire pit would be a good fit.

  • How to light the fire?

Fire pits could have a number of different kinds of fuel; whether using wood, natural gas, or propane all have pros and cons. A widely used option is wood, easiest to use, and has the outdoorsy smell.

  • What materials to use?

Choosing the materials is a key part in designing the dream bon fire experience and bringing it to life. Building it out of stone or tile are common options, but using stainless steel or copper are on the rise. For longer lasting and having more durability stone is best because it is heavy, and also with stand the heat.

Here at Every Season Landscape can help make your ideas come to life. We specialize in built-in fire pits, fire tables, as well as mobile fire pits.