5 Ways to Update The Patio Today

Adding furniture –  the main part to an outdoor living space is deciding what it will be used for a dining or a living room type space; Also, not buying a set that is too big, or too small matters as well.

Comfy garden furniture and geometrical rug on a terrace in spa resort

Use plant containers – adding different plants with a variety of heights and colors will bring life to the space and make the space natural.

beautiful pansy summer flowers in flowerpots in garden

Colorful accents – Picking a color scheme that will go with the outside of the home and adding pillows and other accent pieces will make the space feel welcoming.

Gig garden sofa with many pillows, books and potted flowers

Blocking the sun – Adding an umbrella or a screen to help block the sun or wind will add shade and will add time that the space can be used during the day instead of sitting in the sun.

dining table in sunny garden patio with sunshade

Change up the flooring – adding a rug will make the space feel more welcoming, add color, also will prevent dirt from being tracked inside.

Sunny outdoor terrace with rattan furnitures in big garden

 Add lighting – Putting in lights will add the hours in a day that the space can be used as well as add a nice ambiance. The lights should be darker which makes the space more relaxing.

Group of friends enjoying outdoors at roof. Young friends on penthouse patio