Autumn Begins: Projects to Ponder

As the fall season begins, we begin to see the transition from summer to cooler months ahead. Along with cooler temperatures, you can quickly begin to see the effects that autumn has on your yard. When you start to see the foliage changing colors, then you will know that autumn has begun. Let’s go over some of the autumn landscaping ideas you can get for your layout:

  1. Let nature work its magic: One of the wondrous things about each season is that they all come with their looks. Autumn has falling and color-changing leaves. Simply let this cycle happen without trimming your trees, and you’ll be left with an array of gorgeous colors. However, you may want to rake any leaves so that you keep a clean landscape.
  1. Pumpkins: This is the time of year pumpkin patches begin to show up everywhere. You can take advantage by investing in some pumpkins to adorn the exterior layout of your home. The porch area in your home would be an ideal location for your pumpkins. The orange color will help to complement the changing colors in your landscape.
  1. Water features: Although water features for your landscape can go well in any season, consider investing in a water fountain or small pond. Along with its soothing and relaxing aura, you’ll be able to create a natural décor to go along with your landscape. It would be a good idea to arrange some greenery around your pond to complete the layout.
  1. Layer your plants: Variety is key to making your landscape come alive in autumn. You don’t want an entire bed of the same plants that grow to the same height. Layering your plants by different shapes and sizes will make the colors pop more as they change.
  1. Structure your layout: When it comes to any layout, you want to include a structure. It is a good idea to incorporate a fence, pergola or any other type of border to keep your plant life nice and organized. This will give it a clean look in any season.
  1. Know your plants: Before you complete your garden, do some research on your plants. Autumn brings an abundance of changing colors to plant life, so you want to include a variety of plant life that will bring out different colors. Plants you can consider may include the purple leaf Filbert, Velvet Cloak or the Black Lace Elderberry.