Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a rigid structure, which is made to block soil or rocks from sliding. The purpose of them is to keep the soil from sliding downwards on slopes. There are many different materials to choose from because in a home environment, it is important to keep things customized, and to the owner’s preference.

Here are a few different materials available for retaining walls:

  • Cinder Blocks
  • Natural Rocks
  • Boulders 
  • Stone Blocks
  • Concrete Blocks 
  • Gabion (Wireframe with Natural Rocks Enclosed)

Why Would I Need a Retaining Wall?

There are several reasons that you would want to have a retaining wall built. Here are a few of those reasons.
1. Preventing Erosion: In order to prevent the earth from sliding downhill to places it shouldn’t, the soil needs support, and the purpose of the retaining wall is to provide that support to the soil.
2. More Usable Space: Flat land is invaluable when it comes to outdoor activities and usable space. With a retaining wall keeping soil from eroding, you can sleep well knowing that your land is protected.
3. Flood Prevention: Retaining walls can help direct the flow of water towards a desired area. Rainfall will be collected and redirected to ensure that flooding damage will not occur.

Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

It really depends on the land that you own, but here are a few signs that you may want to have one built:
• If your piece of property suffers from downhill soil erosion, you may lose valuable land.
• If you live by a hillside, you probably prefer your house to stay dry; Retaining walls will prevent flooding by redirecting water from downhill slopes.
• If you have a limited land resource and want to add valuable space to your property, retaining walls will give you an opportunity to flatten the area, providing more flat land.
• If you love flowers and gardening but are unable to enjoy the touch of green in your yard because of steep hills, you can have someone construct a retaining Wall. This will provide you with more room for gardening and outdoor activities.