7 Stone Wall Ideas

1.       Curved: A Curved fieldstone wall makes a boundary while looking fashionable in the meantime. Fieldstone offers a naturally occurring material for garden dividers. You can either dry stack the stones or use mortar to hold them together. (Dry-stacked walls must not exceed 4 feet tall.) For a natural garden addition, stone walls offer a work of art while lasting a long time.

2.       Dry-Stacked Stone: Dry-stacked stone walls are the most natural looking. The gaps between the stones means that water can drain through freely, preventing pressure build-up. You can also plant flowers and other plants in the cracks to create an even more natural looking area.

3.       Fieldstone and Wood Combo: If you like the appearance of stone and wood fencing, why not appreciate both? A stone establishment makes the fence look strong and generous. Round fieldstones are typically mortared into spot due to their shape.

4.       Low Stone Wall: A low wall creates a well-defined barrier without obstructing the view. A wall made of a diverse choice of stones will add appeal to a home’s landscaping. These types of walls can easily be decorated by potted plants and other outdoor decorations.

5.       Mortared Stone: A mortared stone wall can fit in any landscape it is designed for. They can be used to house gardens or keep large hills in place. It is an ideal option for gardens because it provides a natural looking, yet sustainable material.

6.       Flagstone Wall: Thin stones called flagstones can be stacked into a low wall to add a structured appearance to an outdoor area. Due to variance in stone thickness, it is almost impossible to build a flagstone wall with a perfectly flat top. Low walls are perfect for extra seating and decoration shelves.

7.       Simple Stone Wall: A wall doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes, a simple dry-stacked stone wall is enough to accomplish the look you’re chasing. Typically, they will be about three to five layers tall. These types of low walls are perfect for containing small gardens.