Best Landscape Edging for Your Yard

Best Landscape Edging for Your Yard

If you want to create a well-defined edges for your garden there are many different types of edging that can be used. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right one based on your specific needs. In this article we will look at the most popular options for landscape edging including plastic, rubber, aluminum & steel and concrete.

Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is the most popular type of edging in use today. It’s inexpensive and easy to install, making it a no-brainer pick for those looking to put in some new landscaping. The plastic pieces are flexible and will conform to your yard, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or popping out of place during your landscaping install.

Plastic landscape edging does have some drawbacks however: it can be prone to cracking and breaking down over time as well as being susceptible to UV damage from sunlight exposure. If you want an eco friendly option that lasts longer than plastic landscape edging, consider choosing metal landscape edging instead!

Rubber Edging

Rubber edging is a great choice for the majority of landscape projects. It’s an excellent option for areas with heavy foot traffic, as it provides a sturdy barrier that will last for years to come. Rubber edging also works well in areas where there’s a lot of vehicular traffic, such as driveways or parking lots. The rubber material offers both flexibility and durability, making it much more forgiving than metal or plastic alternatives.

Aluminum & Steel Edging

Aluminum and steel edging are durable, attractive, and affordable options for your yard. Aluminum is a good choice for people who want a low-maintenance option. Aluminum edging is available in a variety of colors to match the color scheme of your home or garden. It will last for decades without rusting or corrosion problems like other metals. It also won’t rust into the ground over time like some materials do.

Steel edging is another great option that comes in several different styles and sizes with many different finishes to choose from so you can find one that matches your preference perfectly! If you are going for a natural or a rustic look steel comes in plenty of darker tones that blend in great with nature.

Brick and Stone Edging

Brick and stone edging can be a great option for homeowners who are looking to add a natural looking edge to their yard. Brick is durable, low maintenance and easy to install. Most brick edging systems require minimal digging, which makes them ideal for lawns with existing lawns or gardens that need protection from erosion. But keep in mind that you do need to dig them into the ground a few inches if you wish to prevent weed and grass growth.

Brick and stone edging comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose something that matches the rest of your landscape design perfectly!

Concrete Edging

Concrete edging is an excellent choice for any yard, as it is easy to install, durable, and can be shaped into a variety of different styles. Concrete is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive compared to other types of materials. You can create curved corners or straight edges along your property line with concrete edging. It also provides structure and definition around flower beds in the front yard or garden beds at the rear of your home.

Poured concrete is heavy enough that it won’t wash away over time like loose gravel would do when water flows through your landscape design at times such as heavy rains or springtime thaws from snow melt. The hard material helps prevent erosion underfoot by minimizing erosion caused by rainwater runoff during storms; especially if you live near bodies of water where flooding may occur occasionally during storms/flooding season (elevated areas).

Landscape edging is a great way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy. It’s also a simple way to add curb appeal and improve the value of your home. The best landscape edging may be one that fits your budget, but it’s always important for homeowners to consider all of their options before making any purchase. Contact our team of landscape experts to learn more about the best option for you and your yard.