5 Landscape Design Trends in 2022

5 Landscape Design Trends in 2022

An estimated 42 million households grow their own food, the highest number in over a decade. It’s one of the more popular landscape design trends of the year, so far.

It’s a somewhat surprising fact, too, as landscaping is typically related to turning a yard into something more beautiful and stylish. There are other trends that are climbing quickly, as well.

If you’re interested in the most popular landscape trends 2022 has for you, consider reading ahead!

Kitchen Gardening

A garden with edible food isn’t really a landscape design, per se, but it’s a great option to consider regardless of the layout you’re looking for. Many are jumping on this trend for unique reasons. You might assume it’s to save some cash on expensive fruits and veggies.

In reality, many turn to edible gardens to avoid potentially harmful chemicals like pesticides. It’s a great option to consider!

Mixing Indoor and Outdoor

If you’re looking for a unique backyard design that stands out, consider mixing indoor and outdoor landscape design ideas. One way to do this is to extend your porch into a grassy area. It’s important to avoid building a vertical perimeter, or wall, around the area that extends into the grassy area, though!

This works well with either wood or stone slabs. It’s also important to consider that the space you choose to extend should be less than a fifth of the available space in your yard.

Contrasting Colors

It’s fun to coordinate different flowers for fun color combinations. While some might enjoy ranges of one color, there’s a 2022 trend to mix contrasting colors. The most popular options are combining blue and yellow, red and white, and purple and pink. The right pick for you, of course, can depend on your home or apartment’s color choices.

Green and Chrome

In somewhat similar fashion to mixing indoor and outdoor design, green and chrome blends modern furniture with nature. This is one of the more simple landscape trends 2022 has on offer. All you need is some metallic outdoor furniture, usually a table and a few chairs, and place them directly on a grassy area.

Going Artificial

Finally, the option that seems to be gaining the most traction is artificial grass. This is primarily for convenience sake, but using fake grass and plants can also save you a lot of money in the long run, as they don’t require aeration. It’s also considered a great option for caring for the environment, as they don’t need to be watered frequently or consistently.

The Top Landscape Design Trends

The landscape trends in 2022 are unique in many ways, where one even prioritizes caring for the environment. Edible gardening is a fun way to provide healthy food for yourself and your family. The other three examples have a strong focus on mixing and matching colors in a specific way. Using green and chrome, mixing indoor and outdoor designs, and laying out contrasting colors are all great landscape design choices.

Reach out if you’re interested in starting a landscaping project. We’re more than happy to help you from start to finish!