7 Accessories to Add to Your Backyard Ponds

7 Accessories to Add to Your Backyard Ponds

Ponds are a backyard attraction that provides tranquility and relaxation to your home. It brings nature into your yard and improves the value of your home. If you’re thinking of adding a backyard pond, below are the pond accessories to consider. 


Lighting works wonders in the evening hours as it highlights the best parts of your pond. Consider adding lights behind your pond waterfall for drama effect at night. You can also put lights underwater to see the fish swimming. To help you save energy, consider adding smart lights or setting a timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off come morning. Go for LED lights, too, for more energy savings. 


A water fountain is a good addition as it enhances the look of your backyard pond. However, it doesn’t only function as a decoration; a water fountain also provides aeration. If you need more oxygen for your pond, consider adding a water fountain for aesthetics and functionality. 


Ponds provide a peaceful retreat for most people as they are excellent places to just rest and relax. Observing the pond may help alleviate stress in both adults and children. However, you can’t have backyard ponds without fish in them. Consider having koi fishes as they make friendly pets and are quite intelligent. You’ll enjoy feeding them and just watching them swim by. If you have a bigger pond, try adding a variety of fish to make this area even more beautiful.

Water Lilies

The exotic-looking blooms of water lilies add gorgeous colors to your pond. But they are more than just beautiful plants — water lilies can also improve pond health. Water lilies are also a good hiding place for the fishes from birds of prey. The varieties of water lilies to choose from include the European White Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily, Peach Glow Water Lily and the Midnight Water Lily. 


If you want to build a pond that offers excellent relaxation, consider adding a pond waterfall. The sounds of running water in your backyard waterfall are soothing and may help reduce stress levels. Don’t just add one but consider getting two or three smaller waterfalls to make the pond even more beautiful. 

Also, try to purchase an adjustable flow pump with controls to help you control the sounds of the waterfalls. You can keep the volume low or high if you have more visitors. 

Pebbles and Stones

Pebbles are a necessity as they keep the water in the pond clean by trapping the sediment and keeping it from floating around the surface. They can also help keep the water fresher longer. You can choose from a variety of pebbles and stones — some of them are colorful and can enhance the aesthetic of your pond. 

Heron Decoys

While this is merely for decoration, they can also keep the real thing from eating the fishes in your pond. However, you’ll need to buy a realistic heron, not those made from plastic and resin. Go for a heron decoy crafted from sturdy metal to make them look natural. 

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