Prevent Soil Erosion On Your Property

Prevent Soil Erosion On Your Property

Is soil erosion threatening to wreak havoc to your lawn and property? 

Soil erosion is the gradual process when water or wind removes the top layer of dirt known as the topsoil. This causes the soil to deteriorate and become a major environmental threat. 

Soil erosion uproots plants and carves out grooves (or gullies) in your yard. The problem is that soil erosion can affect more than your property. It can create issues for the entire area. 

If your property sits on a hillside or a slope, you need to know how to prevent soil erosion before it’s too late. 

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Plant More Trees and Plants

Trees and plants can reduce the effects of erosive forces such as wind and rain. They do this by using their root systems and foliage. The underground roots can stabilize soil and divert water. 

However, you can’t always plant trees on a slope. Even if you can, soil erosion might happen before the trees establish a robust root system. 

If trees aren’t an option, you might like to plant grass. Deep-rooted grasses can establish quickly and help stabilize slopes before erosion gets out of control. 

Build a Retaining Wall

If your property has a slope or incline, building a retaining wall can not only support soil but prevent erosion, too.

The best retaining wall to stop erosion is made of concrete, brick, or natural stone. A proper retaining wall is also designed to drain water and channel it properly. You’re avoiding rivers of water pooling and eroding the soil by doing this. 

Create Stepped Terraces

Stepped terraces perform an essential function in limiting soil erosion. They do this by slowing the water down.

When the speed of the water slows, it isn’t able to carry as much soil with it. This slows down erosion and keeps the topsoil in place. 

You’ll often find terracing used in farming practices. However, it will work just as well for sloped residential properties. 

Strategically Place Rocks and Mulch 

Putting rocks and mulch above your soil will add weight and prevent soil erosion. They can also slow down the flow of water.

The best way to do this is by arranging rocks closely together then planting plants in between the cracks. Use plants with deep root systems – four to five inches or more. 

Spreading mulch around problem areas in your yard is also another great solution. It acts as a shock absorber by preventing water from destroying the soil structure. 

Prevent Soil Erosion on Your Property Today

It’s far easier to prevent soil erosion than repair its damaging effects. Knowing how to prevent soil erosion will help you preserve topsoil and its nutrients for plant growth. 

Have you thought about building a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion? 

Every Season Landscape & Lawncare can build you a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion in your yard. We can also re-design your landscape to include plenty of plants, shrubs and grass to help the fight against soil erosion. 

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