How to Create a Beautiful Pergola Backyard Dining Area: A Guide

How to Create a Beautiful Pergola Backyard Dining Area: A Guide

The weather in and around Savage, Minnesota, is absolutely perfect for outdoor dining.

As we approach the warmer months, residents will see temps in the 70s and above—not too hot, not too cold, and for almost four glorious months.

Even the colder days are made that much better thanks to a backyard dining area that’s prepped with features like fire pits, heaters, an outdoor kitchen, and cozy patio furniture to cuddle up in.

If you’re a fan of hanging outdoors, this guide to patio dining is for you! Keep reading to see how you can enjoy your backyard no matter the time of year, whether you’re cooking for one or entertaining a group of family and friends.

Outdoor Lighting: Ambience, Illumination, Safety

When done correctly, backyard lighting should accomplish these three goals—to make your space look better, illuminate all the right spots, and light up pathways, ensuring the safety of you and your guests.

Path lighting is a great way to accomplish this, as well as string lighting (which can thread wonderfully through your pergola), lanterns, and wall lights. Look for options that are waterproof, and bonus points if they’re solar-powered.

A Gas- or Wood-Burning Stove for Dogs, Burgers, and More

You can’t have an outdoor dining area without a stove!

Once you decide which type you’d prefer—gas- or wood-powered, which each have their advantages or caveats—you can start shopping.

The size you get depends on factors like how many people you plan to regularly serve as well as how much space you have. 

The Ambient Sound of a Waterfall: The Perfect Soundtrack

Waterfalls or ponds also serve multiple purposes.

Not only do they look great—as transfixing at staring at the fire—but they offer a peaceful sound, too. Place a bench nearby and you’ll probably never want to go indoors again!

Ponds are easier to install, and with the right planning, can even be the home for lily pads and koi fish. Waterfalls require more consideration when it comes to installation, but are worth it if you enjoy the noise that continuously flowing water provides.

Fire Tables for Conversation, Cards, and Keeping Warm

Another feature that takes your backyard dining area up a notch is the fire pit.

Fire pits come in several styles, allowing you to own one no matter your current setup. From mobile fire pit solutions and fire tables to built-in options, you’ll be able to find one that accommodates your needs. Have yours designed with natural stone for an organic feel.

Once installed, use it during the winter months to never stop enjoying your awesome backyard, cook over it when you don’t feel like firing up the stove, or simply sit in a circle around it and enjoy!

A Pergola Is the Cherry on Top of Your Backyard Dining Area

Finally, the one feature to tie all these elements together—a charming yet durable pergola to serve as your main gathering spot.

Of course, none of this matters if your yard is in shambles! Give yourself the peace of mind to enjoy it all by ensuring your lawn and landscape look as good as your backyard dining area does. 

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