Best Ways to Store Outdoor Patio Furniture in the Winter

Best Ways to Store Outdoor Patio Furniture in the Winter

4 Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

You’ve spent all summer enjoying your outdoor patio, but now that winter is here, you might be wondering what to do with patio furniture in the winter. Winter weather in the Upper Midwest is brutal and unkind to outdoor furniture. To keep your patio furniture in its best shape for many years, follow these tips. 

1. Store Outdoor Patio Furniture Indoors

The best way to protect patio furniture from harsh winter weather is to store it indoors. Many people store their patio furniture in their garages, sheds, or basements. Homeowners who don’t have a lot of indoor space should consider renting a mobile storage unit. 

Sure, a portable storage unit might seem like an unnecessary expense, but consider the alternative. Outdoor patio and deck furniture are expensive. Would you rather spend thousands of dollars on new patio furniture or a fraction of that cost on a mobile storage unit?

2. Winterize Patio Furniture

An inexpensive and effective way to winterize patio furniture is to purchase furniture covers. Covers are great options for people who don’t have indoor storage space and can’t rent a portable unit. Many people living in apartments with balconies use this method. 

You can find furniture covers online or at neighborhood home improvement stores. When purchasing covers, make sure they fit snug around the furniture pieces. Check the covers periodically throughout the season to make sure they continue to fit well. 

3. Winter Patio Tips for Immovable Outdoor Pieces

Some patio furniture such as wrought island chairs, stone tables, and other heavy natural pieces might be immovable. While pieces like these have been designed to withstand the elements, you still want to winterize them. 

When you have immovable outdoor furniture, a cheap and easy winterization method is to cover them with plastic wrap or tarps. Yes, this winterization method isn’t the most attractive, but it gets the job done and protects your investment. That’s what matters the most. 

4. What to Do With Patio Furniture in the Winter With Cushions

In places like Minnesota, where temperatures dip below freezing much of the season, it’s best to bring in the cushions. Remove them from their frames and bring them inside to prevent damage such as cracking and tearing. Do this even if you use furniture covers. 

Once you’ve brought them inside, use this as an opportunity to clean them. Remove the cushions’ covers and run them through the washing machine to remove mold, dirt, and other debris. If the covers aren’t removable, spot clean them. Make sure to dry the covers completely before storing them. 

Why It’s a Good Idea to Winterize Patios

If you don’t take steps to winterize your furniture, you’ll have a lot more cleaning to do in the spring. You might also need to replace your furniture more often. Protecting patio furniture from cold temperatures, snow, and ice preserves its beauty for many years to come. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to keep your outdoor tables, chairs, and other furniture looking its best season to season.