5 Things Every Property Manager Should Know About Commercial Snow Removal

5 Things Every Property Manager Should Know About Commercial Snow Removal

Winter in Minnesota is harsh and unforgiving. As a property manager, you need to be ready to tackle the snow and ice that Mother Nature throws at you. Here are some property manager snow removal tips to help you keep tenants, employees, customers, and anyone else on your property safe this winter.

What to Expect From Commercial Snow Removal

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to snow removal is choosing the wrong company. You might seek out numerous bids and compare proposals, but do you know what sets the pros apart from the amateurs?

At first glance, commercial snow removal bids might seem similar. However, it’s values and experience that set companies apart from each other. 

The best snow removal contractors plan well in advance of the season’s first snow. They visit your property and perform pre-season inspections. 

These inspections identify potential hazards or problem areas. For example, some areas might require plowing and others deicing. Having this information before rendering services allows for the most efficient snow removal. 

When choosing a full-service snow removal and management company, consider the following five things every property manager should know:

  1. Does the company use sustainable snow removal practices?
  2. Are the chemicals used safe for concrete, pavement, and other services?
  3. What other properties in the area does the company service?
  4. What equipment does the snow removal service use?
  5. What services does the bid include?

Make sure the snow removal company answers these questions completely, so you know the exact services you’re getting. 

Property Manager Snow Removal Tips

When you work with a snow removal contractor, you must sign a contract. There are three types of commercial snow removal contracts. Knowing the key points of each of these contracts guarantees you get the service you need. 

Per-Event Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

A per-event contract means you only pay for snow removal if there’s snow to remove. The agreed-upon height to begin snow removal is generally 2-4 inches. Per-event contracts are ideal for property managers who don’t want to pay for services they might not need. 

Seasonal Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

Property owners who want snow removal for two to three years at a fixed price prefer seasonal contracts. Numerous factors affect the actual prices of snow removal with these contracts. While you’ll pay more during mild winters when there’s not as much snowfall, seasonal contracts work in your favor during seasons of heavy snowfall.

Full-Service Snow Removal Contracts

These contracts are ideal for retail property managers, HOAs, and multi-unit rental properties. Property owners who enter into one of these contracts never have to worry about snow or ice removal and always have a partner in snow removal.

Snow Removal Tips for Property Managers

Hiring a commercial snow removal service in Savage, MN, and surrounding areas is the best way to protect your employees, customers, and tenants. It’s also a great way to avoid slip-and-fall lawsuits. 

Never let snow or ice accumulate on your property for long. Work with a trusted, local snow removal contractor for safety and peace of mind.