How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration & Seeding: A Step by Step Guide

How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration & Seeding: A Step by Step Guide

When you get professional aeration and seeding services in Savage, MN, you have only begun the process. Now, the real work begins, especially for you. Proper care ensures that the money you paid to get your yard ready actually results in a lush field of grass and other plants. However, what are the best ways to care for your yard after it’s seeded? Follow these tips for how to care for your lawn after aeration and seeding. 

Tips on How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration and Seeding

Having a beautiful lawn starts with aeration, but it definitely doesn’t end there. The effort you put into creating the perfect environment for plants to grow directly correlates with how great your lawn will eventually look. 

Tip #1: Water Plentifully

It’s important to provide your plants with enough water, especially in the very beginning. Plentiful water allows the plants to get the hydration required to finally germinate. You should water the ground gently multiple times a day instead of drowning them in water once a day. Plants in the sunniest spots of your lawn may require additional watering since the sunlight can dry out the ground. 

You will continue to water in this manner until the seeds become about 2 inches in height, or for about a month. At this point, you can reduce the amount of watering to the appropriate amount for your plants and climate. 

Tip #2: Remove Leaves

Leaves fall often quite naturally. You may not even think to clean them up when you notice them. However, leaves can ruin the work you did on the land in just three days. The leaves prevent the sunlight and water from getting all the way to the ground.

Get rid of those leaves regularly. And, instead of stepping over the ground and potentially damaging it, you should use a leaf blower if possible. 

Tip #3: Allow Dirt to Mound Up

You may notice the ground starting to create mounds in your lawn. Your first instinct may be to remove the mounds and make the land even again, but this isn’t necessarily the best solution. In fact, you should leave the clumps as they are. These lumps will dissipate in time, and they contain vital nutrients and microbes for keeping your lawn healthy.

Tip #4: Be Patient

When you seed your yard, you will probably be extremely anxious to watch your plants sprout, but you need to remain patient. In most cases, it takes three to four weeks for plants to germinate. However, that can seem like a long time, especially to a new gardener who wants to see results as soon as possible. If you get impatient, you may take unnecessary actions that might damage the plants more than fix it. Stick to your regular maintenance schedule rather than trying to rush things along.

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