The Best Fall Flowers and Plants for Your Outdoor Space

The Best Fall Flowers and Plants for Your Outdoor Space

As the seasons change, so too must the characteristics and components of our gardens. Plants that thrive in spring or summer often don’t fare as well in fall. But this is A-OK, as the autumn season brings with it a whole host of new seasonal blooms and plant life for you to fill your garden with.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fall flowers and plants for you to plant this time of year. Pick a few of your favorites and give your garden a seasonally appropriate makeover of gorgeous new flora perfect for planting in the fall.


Snapdragons are striking and unusual-looking flowers that add visual interest to any garden. They are easy to grow and great if you are looking to cultivate an ecosystem of butterflies and bees. This plant has a long flowering period, and so is a great option for a fall garden.


If you’ve never thought about adding herbs to your garden, fall is a great time to start. This plant is resilient against the cold and frost, which means it can brave the low temperatures fall can sometimes bring. Rosemary is great for adding to dishes such as focaccia and other different types of bread.


Lavender is a pretty and sweet-smelling plant that will add color and a beautiful scent to your fall garden. There are many different varieties of lavender, with English Lavender being the most common. This plant can cope well with low temperatures so is likely to survive late into fall.


Celosia is a. beautiful flower that comes in a nice range of fall colors. There are different varieties, but colors can range from red to bright pink. They should last until the first frost, and once they’ve fully flowered, they can be great to pick and place in vases throughout your home.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum is a flower with an appearance almost as lovely as its name. It’s a ground cover plant with tiny flowers that can come in white, pink, or purple. Sweet Alyssum is naturally found in coastal areas, however, it should readily grow in most areas across the US.


Marigolds can be planted for most of the year, however, they are a great choice for fall because of the autumnal hues they come in. Reds, oranges, and yellows are the most common colors you’ll see. Marigolds seeds are quick to germinate and the flowers should bloom within 8 weeks.

Some Inspiration for Fall Flowers and Plants This Season

If you’ve been wondering about which fall flowers and plants to adorn your garden with this season, hopefully, this guide has managed to inspire you. If you’re in need of more help making your fall garden amazing, we’re here for whatever you need. Get in touch today with any questions or ideas you have on how to make your garden its most beautiful self.