Understanding the 3 “Scapes” of Outdoor Design

Understanding the 3 “Scapes” of Outdoor Design

Are you looking to redo the outside space of your home? But you’re not sure how you want to design it yet?

With so many options to choose from for your outdoor space, it may seem overwhelming to make the right decision. Do you want a ton of greenery? Or do you want entertainment space?

Although there are so many different options, there are three core “scapes” of outdoor design to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more about each to help you make the best decision for your home!


Softscapes have to do with featuring a variety of greenery in your outdoor space. The elements that are considered softscapes are flowers, drought-resistant plants, and artificial turf.

By combining beautiful flowers with drought-resistant plants, you are making your outdoor space a vibrant green space. Although softscapes contain only flowers and drought-resistant plants, that doesn’t mean that’s all your outdoor space can have! You can combine the softscapes with other landscaping to make the perfect yard.

The best part of having a softscape is the artificial turf. The plants and flowers mixed with low-maintenance grass create a beautiful art display in your yard.


Hardscapes are the structural elements of your outdoor space. When you think of a typical patio, you are most likely thinking of a hardscape. These include features like fireplaces, stone walkways, water features like ponds or mini waterfalls, and general patios.

Adding a hardscape into your outdoor space makes it easier to entertain guests. The fireplace can create a certain ambiance for you and your guests, while the mini waterfall creates relaxation when you feel like curling up with a book on a sunny day.


A landscape is the overall design of your outdoor space, including the softscape and hardscape. When you think of the yard as one space, the layout and design of the outdoor space are called landscaping.

Whether you have a fence, a stone walkway, lush trees and pretty flowers, beautiful wooden structures for shade, or a calming pond as part of your landscape, the combination of just a few softscape and hardscape designs can make your outdoor space revitalizing.

If you’re looking to spice it up even more, you can add a hammock between two of the trees or a bench swing under the wooden structures.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Design

Imagine this. You have beautiful flowers with assorted colors outlining the stone walkway that leads you straight to the pergola. Right next to you is the pond with the mini waterfall, the water trickling down slowly. Over to the right is a firepit surrounded by artificial turf and few stone pavers.

Would you ever want to leave this outdoor space? Probably not!

With endless options for your garden design, we want to make your vision come true! Contact us today to get started on your outdoor space.