The Best Hardscape and Outdoor Living Space Ideas for 2021

The Best Hardscape and Outdoor Living Space Ideas for 2021

You’ve heard the term hardscape but what does it mean? 

The word hardscape refers to the non-living elements of your outdoor space. This can be anything from a retaining wall to a gazebo or pergola to a patio or outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking for outdoor living space ideas to create a relaxing and stylish retreat, then you need to stick with us for these hardscape ideas and outdoor living space designs that are sure to impress your guests. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t love dining al fresco? Adding an outdoor kitchen allows you to cook, grill, and dine outside on the most beautiful days of the year. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation. 

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly calling for specialty grills like pellet grills, kamado grills, smokers, or brick ovens depending on your preference. People are also adding islands with plenty of storage and seating for guests. 

Not Your Normal Patio 

If you’re looking for unique patio ideas, search for inspiration pictures online. You can use a wide variety of materials from brick with a  herringbone design, for example, to stamped concrete, concrete pavers, various types of tile appropriate for outdoors, or natural stone pavers like slate, marble, or travertine. 

Build a multi-level patio using a combination of materials for an eye-catching design. Add a sun deck separated from a shaded seating or dining area. 

Fire Elements

Do you and your family love coal-fired pizza or making s’mores on a cool fall night? Make a bold statement with a fireplace/ brick oven or a firepit for family gatherings. 

Whether you decide to build a free-standing fireplace or fire pit out of fire-safe bricks or incorporate it into your patio design, you’ll enjoy hanging around the fire on a cold night. 

Water Feature

Add a waterfall feature wall on the edge of your outdoor space or to your pool design. The sound of water flowing is relaxing and adds the sounds of nature to your outdoor living space. 

What about adding a water fountain surrounded by natural elements like rocks, plants, and/or stones or a bubble fountain in your garden? Use different materials for an aesthetically pleasing and calming water element. 

Hardscape Design for Your Outdoor Space 

Now that you have some hardscape design ideas, which ones will you add to make your outdoor space exactly how you want it? Whether you’re trying to bring the inside out or hope to make it feel like the great outdoors, choosing the right elements will help you achieve your goal. 

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