Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to a home and can even earn you around a 55% return on investment.

The kitchens inside our homes are often where the magic happens. They are where families gather and build memories together. The same can be true for an outdoor kitchen.

If you enjoy spending your time in the outdoors once the weather turns nice, then an outdoor kitchen might be perfect for you. If you’re asking yourself, “what is an outdoor kitchen?”, then keep reading. This article will cover the basics of an outdoor kitchen, including how it’s constructed.

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is a place on a patio where you can prepare meals and entertain guests. It allows you to cook food outdoors without having to run indoors for food items, plates, utensils, or beverages. Most outdoor kitchens consist of an island kitchen on a patio, which will include things like a grill, oven, sink, and countertops. 

When warmer temperatures arrive and you want to spend more time outside, an outdoor kitchen can help facilitate this. It is the perfect spot to host family gatherings and parties.

What is an outdoor kitchen called? You could say it’s an oasis for your family to get-away without actually going anywhere!

What Is the Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen?

Every outdoor kitchen is different. There are a variety of ways to build them, from using different materials to the size of the kitchen itself.

The cost of your outdoor kitchen will be determined by how large you want the space to be and what materials you want to be used. Some of the most common material options include concrete, brick, wood, and steel. 

If you’re wondering what countertop is best for an outdoor kitchen, then the best answer is one that falls within your budget and can withstand high temperatures and a variety of weather conditions. Overall, the cost of an outdoor kitchen can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. For many, the average cost is around $9,393.

Overview of Construction

Constructing an outdoor kitchen can be complex. Unless you are a skilled craftsman, it is best to hire a masonry or landscaping contractor.

First, the landscape where you want the outdoor kitchen constructed will need to be graded. It is important for the ground to be level and the soil compacted before construction begins, otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a tilted grill or a sinking kitchen.

After that is when the real construction will begin. The contractor will start with building a frame for the kitchen out of the materials of your choice. Once the frame is complete and utilities are hooked up to a breaker box, the kitchen units can then be added.

A Place to Build Memories

We hope this article helped to answer your question, “what is an outdoor kitchen?” It is a spot for you to host family gatherings and entertain guests in a setting different from the usual indoors spot.

If you’re interested in having an outdoor kitchen built at your home, then we can help! We have skilled and experienced contractors who can build your dream project.

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